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  • Stadtbesichtigung Sofia

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  • Rosenmuseum

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  • Flug Zürich - Sofia - Zürich

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Who can purchase through Family Health Testing, LLC?

As of April 7, 2020 in the USA, we are strictly following the FEMA-established Supply Chain Task Force requirements. Working together, we will efficiently distribute these vital resources to hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, pre-hospital medical services, state and local governments, and other facilities critical to caring for the American people during this pandemic.
Learn more here: https://www.fema.gov/fema-supply-chain-task-force-leads-four

Can you deliver to International destinations?

Yes. If you are an entity located outside the United States, we can work with you to provide the same high-quality, certified and approved PPE products that we import to the USA.
We will follow all local government-issued guidelines in the same way we obey those set by FEMA.

Are there any minimum quantities required to place an order?

There are no set minimums or maximums. Typically the entities we work with are looking for at least 50,000 units of a particular product. We specialize in the procurement of substantially large orders usually equating to millions of units. We are happy to explore orders that are less, but our suppliers typically produce orders in the tens of millions and even 100+ million unit orders.

How much do the PPE and other products and services cost?

To suggest that we are living in “The Wild, Wild West” when it comes to set pricing would be an absolute understatement. We’ve never experienced price fluctuations in the PPE market like this. It’s no secret that pricing is only agreed upon once a Purchase Order is signed and submitted.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the commodity is ACCESS, not pricing. We all need to understand this difficult truth and find the patience to deal with the constant changes that are unforeseen. We are all in this together and we promise to always treat you like FAMILY.

What is the process to place an order?

You will let us know which products and what quantities you require as well as the Postal Code or address for its final destination. We will then ask a few questions about you and proceed to fulfill your needs. This can take hours or days, and sometimes longer, depending on the market.

It’s very important to understand that the prices we quote on Monday, for example, might be very different on Tuesday. Maybe the costs will go up, maybe they will go down. We simply don’t have many absolutes in the current market. Therefore, it’s crucial that you consider acting fast once we have procured your products. If we don’t obtain a Purchase Order very soon after our offer, your products may not be available, or the prices will change.
This is in no way a pressure-tactic from us. It’s simply the reality that exists given that supply and demand is not easily measured during the pandemic.

There will most likely be forms to fill out regarding Certifications, Proof of Payment or a required Authorized (Notorized) ‘LOC’ (Line or Letter of Credit) and/or a deposit or other requirements which need to be fulfilled prior to the order being completed. Again, we will be very thorough.

Once my order is placed, can I see photos or videos to prove the manufacturing process?

In some cases, yes. In other cases, no. Providing you photos or videos is a good way to do that, but many factories have ended that practice during the pandemic. We will always do what we can to provide proof that your order is moving forward as agreed, and we will provide you with updates as your order proceeds.

Is the cost of Shipping & Handling, Duties, Customs fees, etc., included in the price?

In most cases, yes. We will discuss and lay out all fees. There will be no surprises. At least none that we have control of. We will be thorough and will cover all the details with you. The Purchase Order will serve as our contracted, written agreement.

Can I make arrangements to pick up my order once it arrives in my country?

Yes, we may be able to arrange for you to pick up your order at a specific Port of Entry. This is not something we recommend during the pandemic, due to possible unforeseen changes in normal practices by Customs and other Government authorizations. It’s usually a smoother process for us to deliver to a final destination. But we will always do our best to meet your needs.

Why is the company called FAMILY HEALTH TESTING?

You may have noticed our company logo. We are often asked, “Why the red dots?”
Those red dots in the word ‘FAMILY’ represent periods because we live and work by the mantra:

F.A.M.I.L.Y. ~ Forget About Me I Love You

It’s a message of selfless, unconditional love that constantly reminds us to put the needs of others before ourselves. And in a time such as this, we can’t think of a better way to serve you.



• Flug Zürich - Sofia - Zürich
• 8 x Übernachtung mit Frühstücksbuffet in           guten Mittelklasse-Hotels
• Deutschsprechende lokale Reiseleitung            vom 
2. bis 8. Tag
• Rundreise im klimatisierten 
Reisebus                  /Minibus ab/bis Flughafen Sofia
• 8 x Abendessen, 3-Gang-Menü oder Buffet

• Zugfahrt mit der Rhodopenbahn
• Besichtigungen und Eintritte:

   - Nevski-Kathedrale in Sofia

   - Römisches Theater in Plovdiv

   - Thrakisches Grab in Kazanlak

   - Rosenmuseum

   - Drjanovo Kloster

   - Sbojanowo 

   - Archäologisches Museum in Varna

   - Reiter von Madara

   - Festung Veliko Tarnovo

   - Freilichtmuseum Etara

   - Troyanski-Kloster
• Alle Gebühren und Taxen


*Begleitet von Edi Rohde

Im Preis inbegriffen

• Flug Zürich - Sofia - Zürich
• 8 x Übernachtung mit Frühstücksbuffet in guten Mittelklasse-Hotels
• Deutschsprechende lokale Reiseleitung vom 2. bis 8. Tag
• Rundreise im klimatisierten Reisebus/Minibus ab/bis Flughafen Sofia
• 8 x Abendessen, 3-Gang-Menü oder Buffet
• Zugfahrt mit der Rhodopenbahn
• Besichtigungen und Eintritte: - Nevski-Kathedrale in Sofia - Römisches Theater in Plovdiv - Thrakisches Grab in Kazanlak - Rosenmuseum - Drjanovo Kloster - Sbojanowo - Archäologisches Museum in Varna - Reiter von Madara - Festung Veliko Tarnovo - Freilichtmuseum Etara - Troyanski-Kloster
• Alle Gebühren und Taxen

Im Preis nicht inbegriffen

  • Einzelzimmerzuschlag: ab CHF 220.-
  • Annullationsschutz & Assistance-Versicherung
  • Buchungsgebühr: CHF 20.- p.P. (entfällt bei online-Buchung)
  • Mittagessen am 1. bis 9. Tag
  • Getränke zu den Mahlzeiten
  • Trinkgeld Chauffeur / Reiseleitung


Unterkunft in 3* und 4* Hotels, alle Zimmer mit Bad oder Dusche/WC, TV, Telefon Earth and People 4*,Sofia Adresse/Address: 27 Ring Road / "Okolovrasten pat" Str. Telefon/Phone: +359 2 424 1000 Internet/Web: http://www.earthandpeople.bg Casa Karina hotel,Bansko 4* Adresse/Address: Kralev Dvor 5,Bansko Telefon/Phone: +359 884 519 400 Internet/Web: http://bansko-casakarina.com Alliance 4* Hotel, Plovdiv Adresse/Address: 7 Vassil Aprilov Blvd. Telefon/Phone: 00359 32 646 333 Internet/Web: http://www.alliancehotel.com Grand Hotel Kazanlak 3*, Kazanlak Adresse/Address: Sevtopolis Sq. No 1 Telefon/Phone: +359 431 63210 Internet/Web: www.hotelkazanlak-bg.com Aqua 4* Hotel, Varna Adresse/Address: Street Devnya No 12 Telefon/Phone: +359 52 / 63 90 90 Internet/Web: http://www.aquahotels.com/varna/ Bolyarski 4*, V. Tarnovo Adresse/Address: 53, Stefan Stambolov Str. Telefon/Phone: +359 62 613 200 Internet/Web: www.bolyarski.com *Hoteländerungen möglich





Rundreise Bulgarien

Im Land der Rosen

5 Reisetermine ab April bis September 2021

9 Tage - Rundreise ab/bis Schweiz

Preis p.P. im DZ

ab CHF 1'895.-

Olympiastadt Sarajevo

Orientalischer Flair und die "Alte Brücke"

Begleitete Rundreise mit Edi Rohde

Mo 17.05. bis Fr 21.05.2021

Mo 13.09. bis Fr 17.09.2021

Standortreise ab/bis Schweiz

Preis p.P. im DZ

ab CHF 995.-

Wildes Montenegro

Erlebe Montenegro und alle seine   Highlights in einer Reise

6 Reisetermine ab April bis Oktober 2021

8 Tage - Rundreise ab/bis Schweiz

Preis p.P. im DZ

ab CHF 1'795.-

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